Dr Mangu Ram

DR. MANGU RAM                                                         

11/56 Mahaveer Nagar,

Nandri, Banar Road, Jodhpur (Raj)

Mob. No. +919828810688, +019717754188

E-Mail – bhatia.mram@gmail.com





·          Ph.D in Accounting (Commerce) From J.N.V.U. Jodhpur (Raj) in 2016.

·          Master of Commerce (Accounting) from J.N.V.U. Jodhpur (Raj) in 2003.

·          Bachelor of Commerce from J.N.V.U. Jodhpur (Raj) in 2001.

·          Senior Secondary (10+2) Commerce from RBSE, Ajmer in 1998.

·          Secondary (10th) from RBSE, Ajmer in 1996.




·          NET Commerce in June 2005.


·        Six Years Teaching Experience in Motilal Nehru College (Eve) University of Delhi, Delhi as Assistant Professor.

·        Seven Years Teaching Experience in Department of Accounting, JNV University, Jodhpur as Assistant Professor.

·        Three Years Research Experience in Department of Accounting, JNV University, Jodhpur.




·        More than 40 Papers have been presented in various National and International Seminars.

·        Co-Chairperson & Key Note Speaker address in National Conference on Corporate Governance, Digital Technology, Entrepreneurship and Education Emerging Trends, Issues and Challenges for Indian Economy & Advances in Management, Humanities, Social and Applied Sciences Innovations and Implications for Accounting, Finance , Taxation and Business Organized by Inspira – IRA 27-28 January 2020.

·        Paper published in International Journal of Management and Tourism (print) 1513- 6485, ISSN (online) 2250-3633 on “Genealogy of Mutual Funds.”

·        Paper published in Proceedings of UGC/ICSSR Sponsored on “Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multi brand retailing: Issues and Opportunities, ISBN 978-93-88875-55-4.

·        Paper published in Research Revolution, Feb. 2016 on Responsible Investing (RI)- Concept and Issues ISSN: 2319-300X Volume IV Issue 5.

·        Paper published in Urbanization and Environment- Issues and Challenges on Corporate Social Responsibility: A Need of Sustainable Development, ISBN: 978-81-7906-634-8.

·        Paper published in Indian Journal of Geography Vol. XXI Jan 2017 on International Financial Reporting Standards: An Analysis of Benefits and Risks, ISSN 0537-2011.

·        Paper published in Inspira- Journal of Modern Management & Entrepreneurship (JMME) October, 2018 Volume 08 No 04 on Robotic Accounting: A New Model in Accounting and Finance, ISSN : 2231-167X impact factor 2.5442

·        Paper published in International Journal of Education, Modern Management Applied Science & Social Science April-June, 2019 Volume 01 No 02 on Accounting Theory : Concept and Importance, ISSN : 2581-9925.

·        Paper published in Inspira- Journal of Commerce, Economics and Computer Science (JMME) July, 2019 Volume 09 No 03 on Green Accounting: Concept and Importance, ISSN : 2231-167X impact factor 2.7282.

·        Paper published in Inspira- Journal of Modern Management & Entrepreneurship (JCECS) January-March , 2020 Volume 06 No 01 on          ^^d`f=e cqf)erk % ys[kkadu ,oa vads{k.k ds {ks= esa u;k vk;ke**, ISSN : 2395-7069(Print)COSMOS impact factor 4.964.

·        Member of several committees in Motilal Nehru College(Eve) from 2008 to 2013.

·        Attended Workshop in Delhi University for participation in “Supported Blended Learning” Organised with the help of experts from Open University U.K. held on 16-18 April, 2012.

·        Member of editorial committees in National and International Seminars.

·        UGC sponsored Refresher Course in Environmental Studies, UGC – HRDC Jai Narain Vyas University Jodhpur From 21.11.2016 to 10.12.2016.

·        Attended one day Faculty Development Programme : E-Filing of Return, held at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College University of Delhi on 14th January, 2017.

·        Attended one day Faculty Development Programme: Research Methodology & Skill Development held on 12 January, 2019 at LBSPG College, Jaipur.

·        Attended Seven days Interdisciplinary Workshop 02 to 08 January, 2020, conducted by Centre for Women’s Studies, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur on Innovations in Research, Teaching & Women Empowerment.

·        Executive Committee Member of Indian Accounting Association(IAA) (2019)

·        Secretary of Indian Accounting Association Jodhpur Branch.



1.  Lekhankan Theory Evem Ubharte Vyavhar, (Accounting Theory and Emerging Practices) Publisher: Arihant Prakashan, First Edition 2019, ISBN No.: 978-93-84406-83-7








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