M. Com. (Accounting)

What You'll Learn?

·     Accounting Theory and Practice

·     Advanced Business Statistics

·     Cost Analysis and Control

·     Advanced Auditing

·     Practical Problem-Solving Approach

·     Practical Taxation Approach


Course Description

The M.Com. (Accounting) program is an intensive and comprehensive course designed to equip students with advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of accounting. This program offers a rigorous curriculum that encompasses a wide range of accounting principles, practices, and contemporary issues, empowering students to become highly skilled accounting professionals.

Through an immersive learning experience, students develop a deep understanding of advanced accounting, advanced business statistics, cost analysis and control, financial reporting, auditing, management accounting and taxation, , while honouring their analytical and critical thinking abilities.

With a strong emphasis on practical application and industry relevance, the M.Com. (Accounting) program prepares Masters for leadership positions in finance, accounting firms, multinational corporations, and regulatory bodies, enabling them to make significant contributions to the field and drive organizational success.

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